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More Hopes and Dreams (March 2016) Click to buy this book

After her marriage went badly wrong, Dolly Taylor returned to Rotherhithe from America. She is now helping her best friend, Penny, to walk again after she contracted polio. Not able to have any children of her own, Dolly envies Penny for having a beautiful baby daughter, Gail. Penny's husband, Reg, has set up his own business as a builder, and offers Dolly a job in the office. Tony, who was engaged to Dolly before the war, also works for Reg. He is still pursuing Dolly, but she has her reasons for rejecting him. Will Dolly ever be able to put the past behind her and settle back in Rotherhithe?


The Flower Girls (June 2012) Click to buy this book
Twins, Lily and Rose Flower are the apple of their parents’ eye, and each other’s best friend. Feisty Rose has a more rebellious nature than her sister, but it’s never before interfered with their closeness. Rose’s secret dissatisfaction with her humdrum lifestyle reaches a head when she meets the rich and handsome Roger. She elopes with him to Gretna Green. Once Rose has the money and glamour she’s always craved, nothing will persuade her to contact her family again until tragedy strikes. Will it be what it takes to finally bring Rose back to the fold and, even then, will it be too late?


Lights out till Dawn (June 2011)
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With the outbreak of World War II, the lives of the Morgan family change in ways they never imagined. Ten-year-old Hazel Morgan and her eight-year-old brother Peter are swiftly evacuated. Rene Morgan misses her children terribly but harder times are still to come. Her husband , John, is in the army; when she learns that he has been taken a prisoner of war, she has to take on the highly dangerous job of firewatcher. Meanwhile, Hazel and Peter are struggling to settle. Soon they are desperate to go back home. Returning to the city, they are overjoyed to be reunited with their mother and Gran. But their father is still far away and the worst of the war is yet to come ...

A Moment To Remember
A Moment to Remember (July 2010)
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Millie Ash, born into terrible poverty in the backstreets of the East End, has always wanted to better herself. She gets her chance when she lands a position as a lady’s companion, her charge the disabled daughter of a well-to-do London family. Millie adores her work, and even starts to develop feelings for the son of the house. But years later a tragic accident causes Millie to lose her job and, along with it, the life she so loved. As she goes from job to job, working variously as a typist, factory worker and nurse, will she ever find happiness, and love, again?
A Moment To Remember

This Time For Keeps (June 2009) Click to buy this book
It's 1943. When Babs Scott loses her parents in an air raid, she is left homeless and alone. The Land Army offers her a new life away from the bombed streets of Rotherhithe and despite the toil, Babs loves the clean air and green fields of Sussex. Two Italian prisoners of war are sent to the farm to work and Babs cannot help but blame them for the death of her parents. When Pete, an RAF rear gunner whom she falls in love with, dies on his return to the skies, Babs is grief-stricken. Back in Rotherhithe, after the war, a foolish mistake one night changes Babs' life forever, but a letter from abroad offers an unexpected ray of hope ... This Time For Keeps - book image
All That Jazz (2008) Click to buy this book
It's 1921 and eighteen-year-old Daisy May and her little sister Mary-Jane, who is six, are orphaned. Times are tough and, to support her sister, Daisy has to work hard as a dancer in a nightclub, getting home late and hardly seeing Mary-Jane. One night, Mary-Jane is alone in the house and events lead to the sisters being split up. Daisy May begins to fear that she will never see Mary-Jane again...
All That Jazz - book image

After The Dance (2007)
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It’s late 1935, and Sue Reed is living with her parents in Rotherhithe, next door to her best friend Jane. Sue enjoys her day job, working for wealthy car dealer Fred Hunt, but her main love is dancing, and in the evenings she and Jane are always to be found at the local dance hall. When one memorable night the band brings in a devastatingly handsome new singer, Cy Taylor, Sue can’t help falling for him and he invites her to visit him in his hotel room. But reality hits hard after the dance when Cy moves on. Just when she thinks life couldn’t be worse, tragedy strikes. Will Sue ever find the love and happiness she craves?
After the Dance - book image

Sunshine After Rain (2005)
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Emily Dalton leads a secure and privileged life with her husband William and their two strong-minded daughters, Connie and Jenny. Their world is shattered when, in 1912, William makes a trip to America that ends in tragedy. Emily and her daughters cope as best they can, but debts overwhelm them and they are forced to abandon their family home. Soon fighting breaks out with Germany. As the whole country is gripped by war, their lives change beyond recognition. Connie, recently married to a much older man, goes to work on the trams when her husband is sent away. Jenny becomes a nurse and soon finds herself facing the horrors of the front line...
Sunshine After Rain - book image
Love and War (2004)
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Living in their 'two-up two-down' in Rotherhithe in 1938, Eileen and Ronald Wells lead a happy and settled existence with their three daughters, all of whom have jobs, boyfriends and promising lives ahead of them. But soon the storm clouds of war engulf Europe and they find their idyllic family life thrown into chaos. Throughout the country young people hasten to join up. Eileen watches anxiously as her two older girls do the same, one in the air force and one in the land army, while the youngest goes into a factory. With her family scattered and the war getting worse, Eileen throws herself into the community, helping friends and neighbours when tragedy strikes, while savouring rare moments of celebration.
Love and War - book image
Pride and Joy (2003)
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For sixteen-year-old Mary Harris, growing up in Rotherhithe in 1934 has its ups and downs. She has a good job in a biscuit factory and a best friend, Liz, but she's worried about her younger brother Eddie. Eddie is a difficult child whose bad behaviour affects the whole family. Although Mary's stepfather, Ted, denies losing his temper with the boy, Mary's seen the bruises on Eddie's small body. She wishes her parents would take him to a specialist to find out what's wrong. Mary escapes her problems for a while when she meets Liz's handsome brother Billy, a sailor. When a fortune-teller predicts romance in the air, Mary's sure that Billy is the one for her. But the future holds some surprises for Mary...
Pride and Joy - book image

A Rare Ruby (2002)
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When Ruby's father returns, shell-shocked, from the front lines of the Great War, the young girl realises that things will never be the same again. Forced to leave school and help her mother wash clothes, Ruby closes the door on her childhood. When she takes a job at the local laundry, Ruby enjoys the friendship of the other women there, but there's also bitchiness and jealousy amongst the workers. At home there's growing tension with the live-in landlord as Ruby grows into an attractive woman, but not the kind who's willing to use her charms to win favours. Ruby's heart belongs to one man only, a local boy she's known all her life, but there are many battles to be fought before they start a life together...
A Rare Ruby - book image

Hopes and Dreams (2002)
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It's 1942 and Dorothy Taylor, now eighteen, dreams of distant lands far from the grey backstreets of Rotherhithe where she has spent her life. As the war rages on, excitement comes in the form of the Americans posted in London. Although Dolly is engaged to Tony, a boy from her street who has been called up, she can't help but fall in love with Joe, a dashing American GI who eventually asks her to marry him. But America is not all she imagined it would be. As she struggles to make friends and understand the man she's married, Dorothy begins to realise that she made a terrible mistake when she walked away from Tony, and wonders if he even remembers the innocent young girl who broke his heart...
Hope and Dreams - book image

Forgive and Forget (2001)
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As the Second World War enters its final year, Ruth Bentley feels life has dealt her more than her fair share of blows. For the second time she has lost her home and possessions in a bomb attack on Rotherhithe. With her husband Alan away fighting, her two daughters evacuated to Wales, and her mother killed and father seriously injured, Ruth is left to face the devastation alone. But she finds comfort in the camaraderie of the Civil Defence office where she is a volunteer and in the friendship she's formed with Lucy, a clippie on the buses, who offers Ruth a home. But as victory approaches Ruth discovers that the legacy of war is more powerful than even she had imagined...
Forgive and Forget - book image

Sorrows and Smiles (2000)
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Sam King can’t understand why her gran, Ivy, has forbidden her to see Robbie Bennetti. Robbie’s a lovely lad, much less dangerous than Lu Cappa, who’s always giving her the eye when he’s out in his ice-cream van. All gran says is that the Bennettis are a bad lot, and so Pam asks her best friend Jill to cover for her while she’s out with Robbie. Pam’s deception can’t last long, and when Ivy finds out she’s been lying, she makes sure the relationship with Robbie is over. Then Jill falls in love, and loneliness makes Pam accept a date with Lu Cappa. Eventually, they marry, but Pam knows Lu’s still jealous of Robbie and when Robbie comes back into their lives, it could be the last straw...
Sorrows and Smiles - book image

Wishes and Tears (1999)
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When a naive encounter at a Coronation party leaves sixteen-year-old Janet Slater pregnant there's no question in her scandalised parents' minds of her keeping the child. Bundled off to an unmarried mothers' hospital, Janet faces the hardest moments of her sheltered life alone. Forced to give her tiny daughter up for adoption, Janet promises Paula that one day she'll find her. In the years that follow, Janet rebuilds her life around her secret, but little Paula is never far from her thoughts. Janet keeps her promise to seek out her lost child, but no sooner have they been reunited than a new shadow falls across the fragile happiness of their lives...
Wishes and Tears - book image

Katie's Kitchen (1998)
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When Edwin Brown, Katherine Carter's common-law husband, dies without a will, his house and business revert to his womanising brother Gerald. Gerald hints at the conditions under which she might share his roof but when he brutally rapes her she realises she must take up the only other option open to herself and her twelve-year-old son Joseph, to move to cheap lodgings in East London offered to her via her friend, housekeeper Dolly. Katherine finds work in a pie-and-eel shop where she begins to enjoy the colourful docklands life - although she still can't shake off Gerald's bullying influence - and meets vulnerable young Briony whose family are at the mercy of her drunken father...
Katie's Kitchen - book image

Maggie's Market (1997)
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It's 1935 and Maggie Ross loves her life amongst the stallholders in Rotherhithe's Kelvin Market where her husband Tony has a second-hand furniture stall and where she and her two young children live over a tailor's shop. But when one day her husband disappears into thin air, her world collapses. The only trace that can be found of him is his bag, containing stolen silver. As she struggles to bring up her children alone, she can soon tell who her friends really are. Among them is the kind-hearted policeman sent to investigate her husband's disappearance - a man whom Tony's fellow stallholders view as being on the wrong side of the law, a man to whom Maggie is increasingly drawn...
Maggie's Market - book image

Ellie of Elmleigh Square (1996)
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Set in late 1920s, Ellie is a young girl who always seems to be caught in the crossfire between her out-of-work father and her harassed, bitter mother. Her job in a local café is the only bright light in her mundane existence and when a charming, if rather elderly, customer starts paying her attention, she is flattered and excited at the prospects that might be opening up for her. But secretly she still hankers after the-boy-across-the-square, whose mother, now in an asylum, has always had an unexplained enemity with her own. It is up to Ellie, with the help of the Square's local eccentric, Dirty Molly, to decide where her future must lie...
Ellie of Elmleigh Square - book image

Sally of Sefton Grove (1995)
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Though she is still grieving the death of her mother, nineteen-year-old Sally Fuller has little choice but to carry on with everyday life in 1930s Rotherhithe, caring for her father and siblings, and spending as much time with her boyfriend, Pete, as he can spare from his moneymaking schemes. But she feels a nagging dissatisfaction - her matter-of-fact relationship with Pete bears little resemblance to the romances of her movie-star idols, or the colourful liaisons of some of her friends. What about her more modest hopes for marriage and a baby of her own? Pete shows little interest, but war changes things, and Sally begins to understand that she must take responsibility for her own future.
Sally of Sefton Grove - book image

Hannah of Hope Street (1994)
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Hannah Miller is a young girl who has to grow up fast. Since the death of her parents she has taken care of her sister Alice, determined to provide her with the love and stability they've both been denied. When a violent incident with their bullying guardian finds the girls cold and hungry on the streets of East London, Hannah realises she is out of her depth. She accepts the help of a strange old woman, Maudie, whose ramshackle home is a den of young thieves. Alice loves the lively household and the gruff affection of the enigmatic, warm-hearted Maudie. But, despite growing increasingly fond of Jack, one of the most long-standing of Maudie's brood, Hannah can never be happy living outside the law ...
Hannah of Hope Street - book image

Annie of Albert Mews (1993)
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Even if she feels like life is passing her by as she serves behind the counter in her father's Rotherhithe grocer's shop, Annie Rogers knows she is lucky to have a secure home and a loving family – unlike her friend Lil. For though Lil seems to enjoy endless hours of gossip at the factory where she works, her father is a violent drunk and her family forced to live in a squalid tenement. Knowing how hard Lil's life is, Annie willingly helps her out, lending her dresses and make-up and, when Annie is asked out on a smart date by the landlord's son Peter Barrett, suggesting Lil come along to make up a foursome.
Annie of Albert Mews - book image

Polly of Penn's Place (1992)
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Polly Perkins and her older brother, Sid, have never really liked each other. When, in a fit of spite, he flicks a fishbone at her and accidentally blinds her in one eye, it seems to Polly that he has blighted her entire future. Having started as a tea girl at Bloom’s Fashions, she is delighted to be offered a job in the office. Her friendship with the prosperous Bloom family grows, in particular with Sarah and her handsome brother David. Meanwhile Polly finds herself being courted by Ron, Sid’s best friend and, Polly suspects, his partner in crime. When Sid points out that Polly is lucky to get a suitor at all, she decides to accept Ron's proposal of marriage.
Polly of Penn's Place - book image

Carrie of Culver Road (1991)
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As a little girl, brought up in an orphanage, Caroline Parker had always been told that Dept Ford was the place her disgraced mother had come from. So when years later her husband dies, leaving her penniless and with three young children to support, Caroline's first thought is to head for the place she has envisaged as home. But to her horror, she arrives at the station to find that Dept Ford is not the country village she'd imagined, but in the middle of London, a huge, teeming city the likes of which she's never seen.
Carrie of Culver Road - book image
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